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Pawfectly natural pet products

Your best friend deserves the best natural skin and hair care.

Discover our range of 100% natural handmade shampoos, skin balms and skin masks for dogs, cats and horses - all designed to gently clean and soothe skin and promote healthy hair growth.

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Take our skin type quiz

Unsure what skin type your pet has? Take our quick and easy quiz to find out and get a recommendation of the best product to address your pet's needs.

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Get a skincare consultation

Need advice on your pet's specific skin condition or washing and drying techniques for their unique skin and coat combination? Get a one-to-one remote consultation via email.

Our Story

As a professional groomer, Trisha Heath has seen the whole spectrum of skin issues in dogs over the years, which inspired her to study canine dermatology. She discovered that many commonly-used ingredients in animal shampoos and cosmetics are actively harming our pets and the environment, and set out on a mission to create a range of 100% natural products that are safe for pets, people and the planet.


As featured in Horse & Hound magazine

Our range

Berries & Leaves’ pawfectly natural pet products are handmade in the UK, formulated with the minimum number of ingredients necessary and no harsh synthetic chemicals whatsoever.

We carefully select our 100% natural ingredients for their beneficial properties and blend them to address specific skin types and issues, to help soothe, restore and rebalance your pet’s skin and coat. 

Our unique range includes shampoo bars for every skin and coat combination. Safe and effective, they’re designed to produce a soft lather, gently cleanse, smell pleasant and help repair the skin without suffocating it. We also offer soothing, nourishing skin masks and skin balms designed to protect and promote healing for problem skin and paws.

Our equine range includes targeted products for treating sweet itch and hyperkeratosis (mallenders and sallenders), plus a detangling conditioner for show ring-ready manes and tails.

Shampoo Bars.HEIC
Dog Blower

What Our Customers Say

“Bri’s feet recovered so quickly – the mask and balm soothed and stopped her biting them so the hair could grow back.”

Jules Bowes Davies, Pet Parent

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