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Why is my pet constantly biting and scratching?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Pruritus, means itchy skin. It's often the first sign we notice that our pets are uncomfortable. There are often small signs that appear before this which are more difficult to spot.

If we are trying to deal with a skin issue, there are many reasons why the issue may be there in the first place: it could be a seasonal allergy, it could be the result of an unsuitable diet, it could be a lifestyle factor like your dog loves to roll in sand and his coat becomes matted and heavy, it could be a breed issue like skin fold dermatitis that can't be fixed, the pets confirmation means its skin rubs against itself, this issue must be managed, it could be an allergy to a gain causing a yeast infection, is could be a hormone imbalance or hereditary disease the list is endless

The missing puzzle piece

So it's always good to be open-minded as to what is best for our own pets. What I often feel is missed is what people wash their pets in and the effect this can have on their skin over a long period of time. Due to the lack of regulations regarding animal cosmetics, the compositions of products can have serious effects on the skin and unbalance the skin's structure leading to further issues. Even some natural products can be harmful, cyanide is natural!


We are big fans of natural products and feel natural can provide everything we need. All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients which are carefully selected to work this skin type and to be gentle when cleaning, rising off and supporting the skin.

We have created a range of shampoos which will be the best for your pet's skin type, all low foaming and easy to rinse out, all the plant properties chosen are designed to work with that skin type to help restore and repair skin and hair. We have skin masks that clean and purify the skin while working their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal magic and skin recovery balms to protect and recover the skin.

So if your pet has a skin issue always look at the bigger picture and what could be causing it and consider what would work best for your pet, if you need help choosing a skin care product, please get in touch with us at

What chemical-free shampoo is best? well of course its berries and leaves 100% natural shampoo bars designed to work with one of the 5 main skin types I see in the salon all the time! to learn more about the science behind the shampoo industry check out these blogs below.


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