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do plants have healing properties?

We rely heavily on drugs and the miracle of modern medicine is clear to see how many lives are saved and how much people are more comfortable because of it. Ar berries and leaves we love science of all forms but we particularly love natural properties, their benefits have much less side effects and are far kinder to the environment. We will always encourage you to speak to your vet if your are concerned and we strongly encourage you to try natural products where possible and appropriate.

40% of pharmaceutical drugs still come from natural origin

In modern medicine around 40% of pharmaceutical drugs are from a natural origin. Everything else is either synthetically made to produce more at a lower cost ‘financially’ or single chemicals from plants have been isolated and then modified into a new composition for example ‘cocaine’ from Erythroxylum coca leaves transformed surgical procedures in the 1800s and led to the development of modern anesthetic drugs

Is botanical medicine possible?

Plants are amazing synthetic chemists and produce a host of diverse and complex chemicals. To use these as medicine they need to be processed in a laboratory otherwise the chemical properties are too weak. Drugs like digoxin from foxgloves are used for some heart disorders and galantamine from toxic daffodil bulbs are used to treat Alzheimer's disease.

However some plants cannot be made from scratch synthetically like morphine which comes from the latex of the opium poppy (papaver somniferum)

At berries and leaves, we believe nature can provide us with so much when it comes to skin care and we do our best to constantly research and grow the best quality ingredients possible for your pet with the lowest cost to the environment.


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