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Dry skin and greasy hair

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

this skin type is surprisingly common and often misunderstood. when people stroke their dog and feel greasy hair they go out and buy degreasing shampoo which is understandable but if the skin is dry then the degreasing shampoo will only dry the skin out further.

the skin will try to balance itself out, if the skin is dry it will start producing more grease to try and protect itself but if the dry skin is caused by an underlying issue producing more grease isn't enough and you will have dry skin with greasy hair, by degreasing the hair it will dry the skin out further.

how to recognize dry skin and greasy hair. the hair will feel a little sticky and have a wet look the skin may be cracked, tight, or look stretched and have yellow or brown flakes. the skin could be inflamed, hot to the touch, and sore.

our recommendation

do check with your vet for any underlying causes that may need medical treatment, but here are a few things you can do to help

1. wash the dog in warm water, not hot as you will dry the skin out more, use berries and leaves shampoo bar for dry and greasy skin, don't overstimulate the skin this can encourage the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (grease). our shampoo bars have gentle surfactants (the cleaning part) this may mean you need to wash the dog twice to clean all the grease off but that will be better for the skin than washing once with a strong degreaser.

2. Pat dry your dog with a towel to not overstimulate the skin. contact us for more information on bathing and drying your dog correctly according to skin and coat type

3. don't use any perfume or powders this will cause further irritation


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