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How do you get rid of sweet itch?

Sadly the answer is , you cant get rid of sweet itch you have to manage it. Follow our important skin care reccomendations below to help manage sweet itch for a happy healthy horse.

What is sweet itch

Sweet itch is also know as summer seasonal recurrent dermatitis it is an allergic reaction to insect bites that result in dermatitis. Most commonly on the mane and tail but there are often reactions on the belly, face and hind quarters.

How do you know your horse has sweet itch?

Horses with sweet itch have Severe itching, they will be tail switching a lot more and have irritated behavior. The skin becomes inflamed, sore, scaly, broken, damaged skin can then lead to secondary bacterial infections, the hair starts to fall away leaving open damaged skin, horses can sometimes rub themselves raw. As the condition worsens, the skin becomes thick and folds start to form causing further irritation as the skin begins to rub against it self

Whats the best treatment for sweet itch?

Its most important your keep your horse stabled during the day between march and september, if this is not possible he must have shelter in his field to escape the insects.

Keep a sweet itch rug on your horse when he is in the field it will offer him some protection from insect bites

Insects thrive around horse dropping so regular poo picking will help prevent the insects

Use a natural insect repellent when your horse is turned out

Speak to your vet about antihistamines to help ease the symptoms

Adding garlic to your horses feed is an old fashioned way to repel insects

The most important skin care for your horse with sweet itch

When you bring your horse in from the field in the morning it's the best opportunity to take his rug off and treat his skin. We need to keep the skin clean to prevent further bacterial infection, we need to calm all itching and soothe and repair broken skin.

Berries and leaves have a range of natural products designed specifically for sweet itch using natural plant properties to battle the symptoms of sweet itch and repair damaged skin. We have a products to suit every type of managment

Skin mask for sweet itch: this is antibacterial, antifungal it will purify the skin, gently lifting grease and scabs, its natural properties will battle the itching and encourage hair growth. The mask is made into a paste that you apply to the affected area.

Ideal for heavily affected areas, especially if the skin has started to thicken

Shampoo bar for sweet itch: is designed to target the dermis, gently cleaning and soothing itching, it will regulate the sebum production and encourage healthy hair growth. Its the perfect shampoo to use on a horse with sweet itch

Skin recovery balm for sweet itch: this balm is excellent for healing skin, its very nourishing and hydrating, it improves microcirculation and calms irritation and itching while providing a temporary barrier on the skin surface. This balm is ideal for open sores and damaged skin.

Botanical rinse: these bags you are full of natural plants properties that can be added to your wash down, no need to rinse it off, the lavender and chamomile is excellent for soothing sensitive and sore skin. This is the perfect product to wash your horse down after a ride.


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