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My dog is nervous of being brushed

Grooming can be very intimidating and scary for some dogs, wheather thats in a busy grooming salon or at home. It can also be painful if you're not brushing your dog correctly or regularly enough.The stimulation of being groomed can be exhausting for them and a sensory overload for some. It's also an invation of their personal space. All these things understandably will put your dog off from being groomed.

top tips

One way to help your dogs feel less anxious is to have a routine and ‘rules’ you both stick to when grooming.

1.The first and most important rule is shown in the video below, always groom your dog in the same place.

2.This way the dog knows whats happening.

3.Always reward your dog for coming to the grooming spot

4.Be respectful of your dog if he is scared or anxious, don't over do things keep it short and easy, then try again tomorrow or the next day

5.Start this as young as possible, to benign with your dog could be on the grooming spot so you can look at his toe nails, then next time put your finger between the toes and pads then do the same with a comb or soft brush.

6.Build up the scary intimidating things slowly, this will build your dogs trust and confidence in you, being groomed and handled by other people, it will give him life skills.

7.If you do too much too soon your dog will just think the grooming spot is a scary place and will create more anxiousness and fear

8.always use grooming products that are suitable fo your pets skin type


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