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Perfume, good or bad?

We all love the sweet smell of perfume over the smell of wet dog or fox poo! It can be very tempting to buy a lovely smelly spray to make your pet smell fresh and clean, but is it kind to spray your pet with perfume? Is it safe for you to be inhaling the spray and what about the effect on the environment?

We refrain from using perfumes or fragrance oils in our products as they contain harmful chemicals that can affect our pets, us, and the environment. Instead, our products smell lovely due to the natural oils, butters, berries, and leaves used in their production. This means that the scent is not overpowering, which is crucial for our pets because their sense of smell is at least 40

times more powerful than ours. Dogs, for instance, can help us humans in various ways, such as search and rescue or drug detection. It would be uncomfortable for them to be washed with a fragrance that smells overwhelming, such as candy or Christmas fragrance. If it was me I would be getting a headache and itchy eyes so its no wonder the dogs want to our out and roll in the grass after a bath with sweet smelly colone!

Cats are particularly sensitive to perfume, fragrance oils, and many essential oils, which can have toxic effects on them. This makes it dangerous even to have smelly candles burning while cat are around!

Moreover, the origin of the perfume or fragrance matters, and it can cause damage to the environment. I have provided a photo of an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for a Christmas fragrance that is safe to use in human soap, but the information is based on raw fragrance oil and not a soap. The first pictogram represents an irritant, which is a common symbol. The second pictogram represents a hazard to human life and is typically associated with carcinogenic and poisonous substances. The third pictogram represents a danger to the environment and aquatic life. Check the labels of your candles, room fragrance sprays, soaps, shampoos, and other products to see if they have pictograms.


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