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Should I bathe my cat?

Bathing a cat is generally not necessary, most cats are excellent at keeping themselves clean. however, if your cat has gotten into something dirty or smelly, you own a long-haired cat that needs extra grooming, your cat has unbalanced skin, struggles to clean himself or has trouble with hairballs then your cat may need some assistance with grooming

What shampoo should I use to wash my cat?

cats have very thin skin much thinner than ours and thinner than dogs, so they absorb chemicals easily, they are also particularly sensitive to many chemicals and even natural products like essential oils. It is very important you use a shampoo designed for

cats. Never use human shampoo on a cat, not even baby shampoo. Bathing your cat correctly with appropriate shampoo can help with de-shedding, loosen tangles and keep the skin healthy and clean.

Here are 8 top tips for bathing your cat

  1. If you don't feel confident bathing your cat, contact a professional cat groomer, if your nervous your cat will be nervous.

  2. gently place your cat in a tub of warm water, never hot water! You don't want the water higher than the top of your cat's legs.

  3. and use a jug or low-powered hose to pour water over your cat. cats don't like spray and are happier with a gentle low powered flow.

  4. use the berries and leaves 100% natural shampoo bar to clean your cat. we have one for greasy hair and skin and one for dry skin. they are low foaming and easy to rinse out of the coat. simply stroke your cat with the shampoo bar then give your cat his favorite scratches to work it into the coat

  5. rinse off with the same method in step one

  6. use a highly absorbent towel and pat dry your cat. never rub the cat dry with the towel use long gentle strokes

  7. if using a hairdryer keep it at a low temperature and low speed, this is your best opportunity to brush your cat, while the skin is wet and soft the dead hair will be much easier to be removed

  8. always look out for signs of stress, be as calm and efficient as possible

check out our shop for our natural cat shampoo bars, used and recommended by professional cat groomers across the UK


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