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the normal skin and hair type

How to recognize healthy skin and hair.

Healthy skin is smooth, soft, and supple, with a clear and even tone. It is well-hydrated and has a balanced oil production, without excessive dryness or oiliness. It has good elasticity, which means it can stretch and then return to its original state without showing signs of damage.

Healthy hair is very much dependent on the breed and coat type, consider if your dog is double or single coated, and should have coarse or silky hair, straight or curly. you can look up any breed on the kennel club website for information, but keep in mind if your dog is neutered there is a high risk of coat change. typically healthy hair is shiny, smooth texture, and has no split ends or frizz.

it's important to keep healthy skin and hair balanced if you use strong chemicals or flea treatments or go too long between grooming sessions the skin's natural flora will become imbalanced and soon you could have dry and sensitive skin or greasy hair.

we recommend

you use Berries and Leaves shampoo bar for normal skin types, it's gently cleaning, low foaming, and easy to rinse out, naturally degreases and conditions the hair ad skin


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