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The power of plant compounds

Once I started learning about the power in plants and their natural properties for healing the skin, I've become totally hooked! The constant studying is slightly leaning to an obsession!

Many plants have natural antimicrobial, antioxidant properties, these are called flavonoids. Plants naturally produce these because plants are stationary and cannot remove themselves from danger or disease so they have adapted over many years to adjust to their environment in order to survive

There are over 2000 types of Flavonoids to protect themselves. Some are for UV protection so they don't burn to a crisp too easily! Some will stop the plant from freezing in cold climates. Mucilage compounds (a type of carbohydrate) stop a plant from becoming dehydrated.

The exciting stuff

But the more interestingly monoterpenes ( a type of molecule C10H16) found in lavender have antibacterial and antifungal properties. There is even research to suggest monoterpenes are effective in treating early and advanced stages of some cancer!

Lavender Is historically a powerful plant and we use it in our products to soothe itching and calm skin, its anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and antifungal properties are a huge bonus and the effects they leave on the skin speak for themselves


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