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Why is my dog itchy after a bath?

I'm surprised to hear this question so often. Some dogs just feel joyful and light after a good wash, I personally love a nice hot shower and feel much better afterward. It's the same for our dogs.

However, some shampoos are not as dog friendly as we might think. They don't fall under the same categories as human cosmetics and dont have the same regulations. This means brands don't have to put the ingredients on the label and can use chemicals band for human use in pet shampoo

Now for the science

We use a very mild surfactant called SCI sodium cocoyl isethionate is a natural surfactant made from coconuts. All surfactants are irritants of some sort otherwise they won't clean but this one is as mild as they come and is totally natural.

we don't add any perfume or fragrance oil (these are some of the harshest ingredients for the skin!) in any of our products, the gentle smell is simply a bi-product of the natural plants we use to make them

There are many other factors like strong preservatives, stabilizers, ingredients to produce a luxury lather....I could talk about them all but I will have bored you by then!

Are natural skincare products better? absolutely! however not understanding your dog's skin type and using something that works against the skin rather than with the skin won't help either.

At berries and leaves we can help you understand your pet's skin type and choose the right 100% natural eco-friendly gentle shampoo bar for your pet. Please contact us for more information or if you'd like a skin and grooming consultation.


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