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Our company takes great pride in offering a shampoo bar that caters to the unique needs of dogs with a yeast allergy. Our all-natural, handmade shampoo bar is designed to provide a gentle cleanse that minimizes skin irritation and rinses out easily. Our formula has been carefully crafted to soften thickened skin, regulate natural oil production, and address common symptoms such as unpleasant odors, inflammation, and irritation. We believe that our shampoo bar offers a safe, effective, and natural solution to help your furry friend feel more comfortable and at ease.

Always speak to your vet to confirm a yeast allergy and to identify the cause of any skin issue

Take a look at our blog for great grooming advice and tips on how to make you pooch feel as comfortable as possible.


We love our ingredients because:


nettles: are excellent for tackling flaky, greasy skin and tackling greasy hair

mango: is a natural emollient, that will soften crusty, thickened skin

Calendula: calms irritation, adds elasticity and heals damaged skin

argan oil: nourishes and moisturises skin and hair without leaving it greasy

lavender: anti-inflammatory and calms irritation

grape seed oil: tackles alopecia, repairs the skins surface layer


Our Bras:

Low foaming, easy to rinse out

100% natural ingredients

Sustainably sourced ingredients from the UK

Sustainably sourced packaging from the UK (recycled or recyclable)

Shampoo Bar for yeast allergies 80g

SKU: 23
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), aqua, grape seed oil, aragn oil, nettles, calendula, lavender, geranium rosat, vitamin E

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