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Our shampoo bar is the ultimate solution for cleansing and nourishing your cats normal to dry skin type. Handmade with 100% natural ingredients, you can trust that your cat is receiving the best care possible. It not only cleanses the fur but also adds a healthy shine, leaving it stunningly beautiful. Plus, you can rest assured that it's completely safe for your furry friends as it's free from essential oils. Give it a try today and see the remarkable difference for yourself!


Plants used:

  • Chamomile - Famously soothing and healing! Nourishes dry and damaged skin
  • Rose - gently exfoliating, regulates natural oil production, natural anti-inflammatory


Our bars are:

80g bars – typically lasts up to 30 washes

Low foaming, easy to rinse out

Sustainably sourced ingredients from the UK

Sustainably sourced packaging from the UK (recycled or recyclable)

Cat Shampoo Bar – Normal to Dry Skin 80g

SKU: 0006
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), aqua, coconut oil, camomile, rose, vitamin E

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