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We are thrilled to introduce our Super Soothing Skin Recovery Balm, which soothes and comforts sore, irritated or inflamed skin with precision. Our balm is finely crafted with 100% natural ingredients, chosen specifically for their ability to hydrate, add elasticity, and improve micro-circulation in addition to reducing hair loss and preventing dehydration. It's a fantastic solution for anyone seeking to repair their skin's natural barrier and calm inflamed, irritated skin. 



Natural Properties


 coconut oil: excellent for hydrating and nourishing skin


 apricot oil: excellent for soaking into the skin and repairing damaged skin and improving the skin's natural barrier


argan oil: superb for reducing hair loss, encouraging health hair growth and adding elasticity to the skin

super soothing skin recovery balm

SKU: 20
  • coconut oil, apricot oil, argan oil, eco mules, vitamine E

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